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Choosing the Best Implant Provider

Quick insight and history to some of the more commonly known brands of implants

There are over 500 systems of implants and approximately 150 dental implant brands and counting.

The most widely recognized and common international brands of dental implants are as follows:
- Nobel Biocare
- Straumann
- Astra Tech
- Biomet
- 3iDenstply Sirona

I will go through a brief history of these 5 common brands of implants.

Nobel biocare

Probably the most well known, commonly used, and expensive implant. Originated from partnership with brannemark and swedish company in 1978. Brannemark is pioneer of titanium implants. ‘Brannemark implant system’. Most researched and has most studies published, most body of work. Original design is still widely copied by other implant companies and still serves as a reference point.


HQ in switzerland. Started 1974 under Dr F straumann. They were actually pioneers in orthopedic implants previously. Second most number of studies done.Use bone level implant in aesthetic region?

Astra Tech

Producing implants since 1985. Acquired by Densply Sirona (big company producing a lot of dental stuff) in 2011

Biomet - 3i

Began to make implants similar to brannemark’s design. Came up with Platform switching design to prevent bone resorption

Bicon implants

Known for their short implants

Over 50% of implant research has been on straumann and nobel biocare implants, and over 80% of all research has been done on the first 6 implant companies.

Implants regulated by ADA, FDA, world dental federation
No such thing as ‘best implant’, only implants which have been thoroughly researched.

Newer, cheaper implants like korean brands emerging on market, studies have not been done yet

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