Q&A - Teeth Still Hurt After Extraction

Post-Tooth Extraction Pain?

Hi everyone, we have a question today from Jolly Ann but before we get to that, I would like to thank all of you for your views and comments. I would also like to request that you send in photos of your teeth and X-rays if possible. These will help greatly in me understanding your problems better. Again, I would like to stress that my answers do not serve as a diagnosis – only a proper consultation and visit to your dentist can do that! With that said, let us get to the question today by Jolly Ann.

Jolly Ann:

Good day! I had a root canal done on a tooth previously, but after two years, I felt like there was something wrong with the tooth. I went to the dentist and she said that there was still an infection . So they tried to re-treat but after 2 weeks I decided to pulled out or extraction because Im scared that the infection will spread to other sites or to my brain.

So they pulled out the tooth and gave me dentures (false teeth).

After 3 months, the area hurts again. Is possible that the infection is still there or has spread? Or it because of the wounds not dry yet?

Also, my jaw line and wisdom tooth is hurting but i don’t know which one but normally my RC is in the front. Thank you. Hoping for your answer.

The dentist: Hi Jolly Ann, firstly please pardon me for rewording your original question so that everyone reading can understand it better. Please reach out to me if I have misinterpreted your question!

Firstly, let me explain Jolly Ann’s situation. A root canal done previously turned out to be unsuccessful. Unsuccessful root canals, while not very common, can happen occasionally. Refer to my previous posts on root canals to find out more! Jolly Ann thus opted to have the problematic tooth extracted. A denture (false teeth) was made to replace the extracted tooth.

3 months have gone by since the extraction, and Jolly Ann is now experiencing pain again. Firstly, it is very unlikely that the pain is due to the wound ‘not being dry’. Wound healing after extractions usually take 2-3 weeks. It is unlikely that the wound would not have healed after 3 months.

The pain could therefore be due to many reasons. Unfortunately, without pictures or X-rays, I cannot narrow down the reasons for the pain.

Jolly Ann, the TYPE of pain you are experiencing is also important. Are you experiencing a sharp, throbbing pain which worsens at night, or worsens when you take cold foods? If you are, it could be that one of your teeth has decayed and is experiencing root canal problems.

Does the pain go away if you do not use your dentures? If so, it could be that the dentures do not fit properly. Perhaps you wear the dentures to sleep? Improper denture hygiene could also cause gum soreness and pain at the area.

As for your second question, you say that your wisdom teeth is hurting. This is a common problem because wisdom teeth usually grows out at a wrong angle, causing food trapping, gum irritation, and tooth decay. The solution is usually to extract the offending wisdom tooth. Once again, it would be great if you could provide me with X-rays and some pictures!

I would like to apologise if I am unable to fully answer your question. Please feel free to write to me again.

July 11, 2017

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Q&A - Teeth Still Hurt After Extraction

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